Dây Cáp Type-C To Micro Usb Type

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The phauthuathammat.com MIXIT↑™ USB-C khổng lồ Micro USB Charge Cable lets you charge your USB-C device as well as sync your photos, music và data to your existing máy tính at transfer speeds of 480 Mbps. Plus, the cable also supports up lớn 3 Amps of power output đầu ra for charging USB-C devices.

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Made for: Connecting from a standard USB-C device to lớn a Micro USB (also known as USB Type-C) enabled device. Also compatible with Thunderbolt™ 3.



This MIXIT↑™ USB-C cable supports up lớn 3A of power output & can be used for charging & powering USB-C enabled devices.



Never worry about which way to plug in again. USB-C is a new user-friendly reversible connector that allows you to lớn connect your cable khổng lồ your device in any direction.


USB-IF Certification

Hi-Speed USB Compliance means that this cable has been certified by USB-IF to lớn meet all electrical, mechanical, & environmental standards, ensuring a superior web10_user experience. USB-IF is a non-profit organization made up of companies that facilitate the development of high quality USB products & compliance testing.

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At A Glance:

Connect USB-C enabled devices (new Macbook, Chromebook Pixel) lớn Micro USB devices & peripherals (smartphones, tablets, hard drives, và cameras) Reversible USB-C connector 3A charging đầu ra 480 Mbps data transfer speeds 6 foot cord length

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