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Skin is treated lớn astounding brightening & hydration with choice ingredients of DMT Blocker, vitamin E, seaweed extract & Pitera. Regular use inhibits melanin formation for a more luminous complexion và provides skin with optimum moisturization for renewed suppleness and softness. Skin becomes brighter & more even toned. After cleansing & toning, spread a small amount of Derm-Brightener on face and neck & then gently massage.

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About brand: SK-IISK-II"s approach khổng lồ skin care began with a Japanese scientist"s observation of the youthful hands of sake brewery workers. That led lớn the development of Pitera, SK-II’s skin-loving galactomyces ferment filtrate ingredient derived from yeast. The premium Japanese beauty brand is renowned for its anti-aging skin care products that help restore the skin"s natural 28-day renewal cycle. The famous SK-II Facial Treatment Essence contains 90% Pitera to lớn refine skin, even skin tone and reduce fine lines và dark spots. SK-II"s facial moisturizers are popular too, including the Skinpower Cream and Skinpower Eye Cream containing Pitera và flower extracts lớn revitalize skin and brighten dark circles.
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Brand from Japan
this sản phẩm really works. I saw a difference withing few weeks of using it. It made my skin bright & reduced discoloration. This is my second time buying it. I use it along with the aura essence.
I've been using this for 6 months now & I absolutely love it. This, along with the other products of this line, works amazingly. My favorite thing about this sản phẩm is that it doesn't leave that slimy greasy feeling like other whitening creams. It's moisturizing but it actually feels like it sinks into the skin instead of just sitting on đứng top of it. My skin always feels really soft after applying this và it makes a great base for makeup to sit on. I also really love how this isn't a cream where you constantly dip your finger into. It has a twist mechanism that dispenses out the product và this allows for good control & dispensing of the product. Will definitely repurchase this in the future!