Take my money: swatches, sulwhasoo balancing water first impressions, & beautytap review

Once this SWS water went on sale, it was tiiiiiiimeThey also hired people who knew K-Beauty; they brought on Fiddy Snails (ofFifty Shades of SnailandThe Snailcastpodcast) who unleashed terrible things upon the unsuspecting K-Beauty community, lượt thích daily flash sales of fancy products that gave me flares of grabby-handitis and made my wallet weep.All sorts of products that I"d regulated lớn the "if I ever won the lottery" wishlist are now regularly appearing in their daily deals, and I need Snesus because they"re trying to lớn kill me.

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This was some friendly fire, y"all.

In this post:

Am I affiliated with Beautytap?Shopping experience: pros, cons, và why I"ll continue to cửa hàng thereSwatch & first impressions: Peripera Ink Airy Velvet #10 Dry Rose BrownSwatch và first impressions: Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Water EXYou might wonder why I"d bother doing something as old-hat as a haul post/shop review, but 1. The world always needs more swatches, và 2. There"s a lot more lớn say about a haul from Beautytap that I definitely want khổng lồ cover. Plus, hanbang. Haaaannnbaaaangggg.Just as a quick reminder: this blog uses both affiliate & non-affiliate links, and if you choose to lớn click the former before you shop, your purchase may contribute a tiny amount to lớn the maintenance of this blog. See full details at the kết thúc of this post! #receipts

Am I affiliated with Beautytap?

Let"s cover this point first: nope. I am affiliated with Fiddy Snails, in that we"re podcast-collaborators-turned-friends, but I"m not receiving any compensation khổng lồ talk, shop, or promote where she now works. I have, khổng lồ date, written two individual pieces for their Editorial section (on nerdy things, naturally) because I loved what they were doing with their editorials.I did not receive any special (read: bloggerservice) circumstances around my order; I snatched up the Sulwhaso Balancing Water in their daily giảm giá along with everyone else hot for hanbang. Since one neither simply walks into Mordor nor hauls just one thành quả from Korea, I grabbed a few other things I had waiting on my wishlist to hit không tính phí shipping, và happily forked over my monies.
Not pictured: the vitamin C serum which was already chillin" (heh) in the safety of the fridge.

I received the same "gifts with purchase" swag that their other customers do, right down lớn the piece of candy (which I belatedly realized I haven"t eaten yet, brb rectifying that immediately.) I think that about covers it, but if you have any questions about this, just shoot me a message; if you"re a longtime reader you know I"d rather just be upfront about things than leave people wondering.

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Shopping experience: pros, cons, và why I"ll continue to shop there

Edit: I actually made my second order in the middle of writing this, because their daily khuyến mãi was too good to lớn pass up.

The cons:

Still isn"t the cheapest place khổng lồ buy K-Beauty
That hasn"t changed; W2 was always upfront about keeping the goodwill of brands by not doing the drastic price undercutting we"re accustomed to lớn seeing. This has become a big giảm giá khuyến mãi in the last few years; I imagine there"s always going to be the super-cheap-but-risky gray market on eBay, etc, but it sounds lượt thích KR brands are getting serious aboutcontrolling their products overseas.This isn"t a dealbreaker for me, as long as they hóa trang for it in other ways, và imo, they do. More on that later.Expect long wait timesGranted, I made my order in the midst of a major Korean holiday, but I"ve heard that Beautytap tends to lớn be fairly slow lớn process and ship orders in general. I"m unbothered, because that"s typical of KR-based shops.As long as they keep me updated, we"re cool. I"ve had packages from KR that took almost two months khổng lồ be processed & arrive, so a few weeks is nbd. It"s just an occupational hazard of ordering from KR directly.
The rebranded OST C20 looks ... Pretty much the same. Looking forward lớn comparing this lớn the OG version.

The pros:

If a cửa hàng doesn"t offer the best prices, I expect them to lớn make it worthwhile elsewhere.Original editorial content
Hands down, this is what makes this shop interesting lớn me, and this was true before I wrote for them. (It"s actually why I agreed to bởi vì it, in fact!)The contributors and content are both diverse, which is A++. Coco"s articles in particular have me checking every day for new stuff to lớn read, likeusing K-Beauty for a French Girl Chic which justified my no-makeup-but-a-bold-lip daily dog walking look, & her savage takedown of the "K-Beauty vs J-Beauty" manufactured drama that"s been everywhere lately:I had lớn go rush khổng lồ my Sulwhasoo & make sure it still existed & wasn’t replaced without explanation with a jar full of glittery turds in a cat-shaped jar.Preach. Product recommendations in their editorials aren"t even limited to K-Beauty, let alone their shop; if this is their approach lớn distinguish themselves from other US-based shops, it"s working. If for no other reason, và even if I hadn"t written anything for them, I"d siêu thị here just to support their original content.
Sooo this happened as I was writing this. *sobs in flaming wallet*

Their "Daily Tap" đơn hàng of the dayYooo, I already have a cart waiting for the next tempting Daily Tap. EDIT: literally while I was writing this, they unleashed this History of Whoo Balancerdeal, and theirSulwhasoo First Care SerumDaily Tap price was extended *cue raptor noises*. Those have both been on my skincare bucket list for ages.So I just made my second order. While writing this review.The Daily Tap is an interesting (or expensive) hàng hóa on deep discount for the day. It"s why I pulled the trigger on this Sulwhasoo Balancing Water; I"d had it on my wishlist for years and couldn"t kiểm tra out fast enough when it popped up on sale.
beautytapofficial has the #Sulwhasoo Balancing Water on sale and my toàn thân was soo ready!