The Picture Is ____ The Wall


Who does not know this situation: You would like to redecorate your apartement with new pictures but you are still looking for the right method. Unpleasant holes in your wall, fallen plaster or even crooked pictures are the typical horror scenario when it comes lớn quick and easy fixing of your pictures.

But how vì chưng you hang your pictures on the wall without taking down the whole wallpaper? và at best, in such a way that your artworks will stay permanently on the wall và can also be removed without leaving any residue, without damaging your wallpaper?

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Also, it is too bad that almost all walls are so hard that you will not go far by using a hammer or a nail. When you hang a picture on the wall, than this often involves more effort than one might think. You often have lớn use a drill, dowels or screws lớn make sure that your pictures hang safely on the wall afterwards. Way too much effort, we think: Therefore it was about time that we at started looking for suitable alternatives to stick pictures on walls.

Therefore, you have probably already asked yourself whether there are sida for hanging pictures with or without frames, that leave no residue on the wall. Decide what type of picture & wall you have & find out, which of our products you need to lớn stick your picture khổng lồ the wall without ruining the paint. With our innovative self-adhesive picture hangers better than regular hanging strips , we can help you! So you can stick pictures on wall without nails, screws and drills!

Stick pictures on the wall - So it goes
Have a look at our

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This is how you stick pictures, photos or posters on the wall!

“I have many different pictures that I would like to mount on my sloping wall. Unfortunately, I cannot fix khổng lồ a nail, because the pictures can fall down quickly through the wall slope! I think the idea of sticking photos on a wall is very good – as long as the tape does not leave any residue or holes on the slope! vì chưng you have a solution and can help me?” 

Do you recognize yourself in this description?! Then our guide is just the right thing. We will explain in detail how you can attach pictures, photos, posters & even picture frames khổng lồ walls of any kind without leaving any glue residue. We will also show you the advantages và disadvantages of the different variants. Have fun reading our guide!

The fastest and probably easiest way khổng lồ stick your pictures & photos on the wall is probably to use simple adhesive tape, picture hanging tape or picture hanging strips. The adhesive picture hanging strips are ideal for very small picture frames or light photos & post cards weighing up khổng lồ one kilo. You can easily remove the adhesive picture strips with a little care. Since the adhesive tape does not stick equally well khổng lồ every wall, even small pictures can fall off after a few hours or days. On the other hand, the picture must not have a frame, as this would simply exceed the maximum weight for a simple hanging strip. Our tip: The picture hanging strips adhere particularly well khổng lồ flat & clean surfaces. 

Picture hanging strips are a very cheap và wonderful alternative to the previous problem of hanging pictures on the wall & dril, nail or screw holes into the wall. Have you ever heard of colourful Washi Tape? It is a kind of picture hanging tape with various patterns and colors. You can also use adhesive Washi Tape as a frame for your photos.


Can hold only very light picturesCan be visible depending on the procedure of applyingNot suitable for every wall