Another day, another Tom Ford product! Well, my plan is to get all my Tom Ford Fall 2014 Collection reviews out this week. I hope you don”t mind! 🙂 Today I”ll be talking about the brand new, limited edition Lip Color shades in Twist of Fate and Negligee!

Tom Ford Twist of Fate and Negligee Lip ColorsTom Ford Twist of Fate and Negligee Lip Colors

Twist of Fate and Negligee have just been released as part of the Tom Ford Fall 2014 Collection. They have the same packaging and formula as the other Tom Ford Lip Colors. The consistency of these lipsticks is to die for. They are incredibly smooth, richly pigmented, and basically just glide on the lips without any resistance. And did I mention they have one of the sweetest vanilla scents? They smell divine! I wish the scent would last a little longer than a few seconds, though!

Both shades provide full coverage — one layer is enough to cover your natural lip color, even on pigmented lips like mine — but they don”t feel heavy or thick on the lips. I don”t find them to be drying during wear but they are certainly not hydrating.

Tom Ford Twist of Fate (L) and Negligee (R) Lip ColorsTom Ford Twist of Fate (L) and Negligee (R) Lip Colors

Twist of Fate is an orange-based bright coral. I didn”t expect it to be this bright judging from the tube. I thought it would be more subdued so I was a little taken aback when I first swiped it on. To make it more wearable, I like to blot after application to tone down the color just a bit.

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This shade brightens up my whole complexion really well and offers a more youthful look compared to Negligee. It has a satin finish with a soft lustrous shine that makes my lips appear fuller! I heart!

Negligee is a brown-based rose pink. I don”t usually wear this type of shade for fear of looking too “mature” but somehow Negligee doesn”t look too grown-up on me at all (or so I think). It is slightly deeper than my MLBB shade so when worn sheer, it”s hard to tell if I”m wearing a lipstick at all. I think this is a classic “autumn” color that will be appreciated by a lot of people. I”m just not sure how I feel about it yet! Negligee also leaves a satin finish with a soft luminous shine.

A close-up look reveals microshimmer in both shades which may contribute to the “lustrous” look of the lipstick. They apply smoothly without accentuating dryness or settling into lip lines. I get about 4-5 hours of wear from both shades and from then on, they start to fade gradually and evenly. I like how the formula does not dry my lips even after the color wears off. 🙂

Tom Ford Twist of Fate (L) and Negligee (R) Lip ColorsWearing Tom Ford Twist of Fate (L) and Negligee (R) Lip Colors

Twist of Fate

Tom Ford Twist of Fate Lip ColorWearing Tom Ford Twist of Fate Lip Color


Tom Ford Negligee Lip ColorWearing Tom Ford Negligee Lip Color

So what do you think of the two new shades? Do you think Negligee looks too grown-up for me? Which color do you like better? Are you getting anything from the Fall collection? Am I asking too many questions? 🙂

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