Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Repeater 2 is an affordable WiFi range extender that comes with two built-in high-performance antennas to extend the range of your existing router. This device is compact and also works with Powerbanks, Powerstrips, Laptops, etc. Setting up the Mi WiFi Repeater will take about 10 minutes and all you need is the Mi Home app. The Mi Home app is compatible with Android smartphones with Android 4.0.3 or later and iOS devices with iOS 9.0 or later. Find the step by step instructions below.

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Xiaomi Mi WiFi Repeater 2

1. Setting up the Mi WiFi Repeater 22. Change the Username and Password3. Reset the Mi WiFi Repeater 2

How to Setup Mi WiFi Repeater 2?

Open Mi Home App on your smartphoneRead and agree with Terms & Conditions. Selectthe region as IndiaTap on Sign in and enter your existing Miaccount Username and Password. If you don’t have the Mi account click on Sign Up and Create a new Mi account


Plugin-in the repeater to a power source. Make a note that, this device comes with a USB port so you’ll have to connect it to a power bank or use any standard USB power adapter. Once the devicepowers up, Yellow LED will start glowing at the rear side of the deviceTap on Add DeviceSelect your Mi WiFi Repeater


Now, select your WiFi network. Make sure your Primary WiFi router is turned on and WiFi light is glowing on it. In the below screenshot, phauthuathammat.com is the name of my WiFi routerEnter the Password and Select OK


Tap on NextIf the entered password is right, the Repeater will connect to your existing WiFi Router and you’ll receive a message saying ‘Device added’. This process will take a few secondsTap on Done


Now select your device location such as Bedroom, Kitchen, etc. This step is OptionalTap on Use Now to complete the process. The Blue status light on your Repeater indicates that the repeater is ready for useThe WiFi ID (SSID) of your Repeaterwill end with_plus(Herephauthuathammat.com_plus is my repeater WiFi ID). The password for the network will remain the same as your RouterNow exit the MiHome app and connect your devices to ending with_plus network
How to change Username & Password of Mi WiFi Repeater 2?Open Mi Home app on your smartphoneSelect your WiFi Repeater from the Home screenTap on WiFi SettingsDelete the existing and enter the new NameEnter the new PasswordIf you want to hide the WiFi ID (SSID), enable the Hide network optionTap on OK to change the Username and Password
Plug the WiFi Repeater to a power sourceInsert a PIN in the Reset hole provide just below the LED indicatorPress and hold the reset button for 5-8 seconds until the light turns yellowNow, Open the Mi Home app and configure the repeater

That’s a wrap.This repeater is tested withMi Router 3C, D-Link 2730U, D-Link DIR 600M, and BSNLDSLW200. Do let us know in the comments if you’re experiencingany issues with the repeater setup. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

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Hello. Mi repeater worked for 1 month but now the device stopped working, not showing network, the light on the device is also not working.

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Hi,im trying to connect the Mi wifi amplifier to my network though their application Mi home ,at add device window its shows device connected and message sent to device but while the process to network connection its getting failed like request time out.the yellow light on antenna is continuously blinking.

I can use Mi wi-fi repeater 2 but last week I found that LED change from green to blink orange. What is the problem with it? I can fix it by myself

It does connect but can’t personalize it later. Can’t add as home or living room it stuck on message send to device and device connect to phone so don’t go further . Please I want to hide or change password so help me

Hi ,SatwikI was using the MI WIFI REPEATER 2 in my old house with belkin router. Now I am trying to connect the same in my present home on a TP link router , but the app does not show the repeater. When I try to to connect manually it show a “xiaomi-repeater-c1_miap77ec” network and I connect and go back to home but still the WiFi Repeater is not shown.The above stated Xiaomi network does not require a password to get connected and also does not have internet

Hi, if i enter a new name/password on the repeater, will it also change the password on the main router? Thanks

Hi! I Just bought this one, All work with my android device, but how can my laptop connect to the repeater? The signal bar of it detected on my laptop, but it requires a PIN code, i have fill with the same password of the original router, but it shows wrong PIN, thanks b4

Hi! Been using my Mi repeater for a good 2 years. Had to hard reset my main router modem (where it is currently paired) and changed the ssid and pw.Upon trying to pair my Mi repeater, it no longer proceeds to the Blue light (the light just shuts off from blinking orange).Followed your instructions carefully, but cannot pair my repeater with my Router Modem.Hope you can help. Thanks!

I have someting similar. Changed router. Even resettting or removing repeater profile from mi home and setup again does not help. Mi home cannot find the device during setup and also repeater’s (xiaomi-repeater_xxx) wifi not found by phone during setup. Either reset button doesn’t work or there is another trick in setup (I have mainland china and latest versions of mi home; all permissions given)

I hv tried a lot to connect everything is fine but when it’s reaching connecting device it say make closer actually it’s just next to it but again no connection I hv reset the router 3 time it doesn’t work

Aw, this was a really good post. Finding the time and actual effort to produce a very good article… but what can I say… I put things off a lot and don’t seem to get anything done

Hi. So I bought my 2nd WiFi Repeater 2. I did all the instructions here. So the yellow light turned blue meaning it is paired/connected to my router already but my problem is it appears as if it’s not in the Mi Home App. So I can’t add the device to the app. I cannot edit the name of the Repeater 2. How can I add it if it’s already connected to my router without resetting the device? Or is there something I did wrong that is why I can’t add it to my Mi Home App? Although I can already connect my phone into it because it’s already connected to my router… I just want to edit the name.

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